Dr Grayson offers a private GP service that can support your routine GP care and improve your overall health.

Health and personal fitness are a professional and personal focus and passion for Dr Grayson who offers a number of services focused around health promotion including; physical assessments, blood testing, nutritional reviews and injury assessment.

Speciality areas:

  • Health and medical assessment
  • Sports related assessment
  • Sports injury assessment and prevention work
  • Nutritional advice and support
  • Weight advice and support

Dr Rebekah Grayson, General Practitioner

‚ÄčAt The Stratford Clinic you will be afforded ample time for an open health discussion encompassing lifestyle management and preventative medicine. This thorough approach enables Dr Grayson to compile a complete picture of your current wellbeing, around which your further care can then be focused.

Biochemical assessments can be also be carried out including a review of cholesterol levels, diabetic risk and your heart and lung age. These results can then be used to set your parameters for improvements.

Working from more functional medical routes, i.e. what best suits you and your future health, enables a focus on improving the areas of health that are important to you.

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